Brass Fittings
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Brass is widely used in manufacturing brass fittings, plumbing fittings, flare fittings, garden hose fittings, compression fittings, transmission fittings, pipe fittings & threaded fastening, due to its excellent qualities as rust-resistance, hardness, wear-resistance, high tensile strength, durability and flexibility.

Type of Brass Fittngs : » Brass Compression Fittings
» Brass Pipe Fittings
» Brass Hose Fittings
» Brass Flare Fittings
» Brass Tube Fittings
» Brass Valves & Cocks Fittings
» Brass Plumbing Fittings
» Brass Auto LPG Gas Fittings
» Brass Double Ferrule Fittings
» Brass Hydraulic Fittings
» Brass Pneumatic Fittings
» Brass Inverted Flare Fittings
Material :» Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
» Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I) or
» High Grade Free Cutting Brass
» Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement
Threads :» ISO metric, MM, PG, BSW, BSP, BSB, BSF, BA, NPT, NPTF, UNC, UNF, UNEF etc.
» Any threads as per customer’s design
Length / Size :As Per Customer Specification
Finish And Coating :Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification
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