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Best Brass Components Manufacturer in India

We are the best brass components manufacturer and suppliers of Precision Brass Components & Extruded Rods that includes brass wires, profile & Sections, brass electrical accessories, brass cable glands, brass cnc turned components, brass inserts, brass fittngs, brass anchors, etc. We are also supplier of all kind of non ferrous metals. These are highly appreciated by our clients for its excellent features like high tensile strength, durability and finish. 

With more than 3 decades of experience and having gained ISO 9001-2015 certification, our quality assured range of products has enabled us to gain confidence in manufacturing above products with industrial needs. We Focus on Quality and Customer Satisfaction First.

best brass components manufacturer

Best Brass Components Manufacturer in India

Om Extrusion exporter of brass components like:- brass nuts, brass rods, brass extrusion, brass bolts etc.

What we do

Extremely Durable

Brass’s resilience to wear and tear is one reason for its long lifespan. This metal is far more resistant to damage from tools and heavy items than lighter metals like aluminum or copper. Because of this, it is well suited for the automotive industry, where metal surfaces endure significant wear and tear.


Brass is integral to the automotive sector because the metal serves various purposes and is extremely versatile. It’s available in many different tones, so finding a complement for the vehicle is simple. Sometimes, you must contort a component to find a proper fit.


Rust can be a vehicle’s worst enemy. Brass is a popular choice for auto manufacturers because it resists corrosion. This metal is your best choice for durable fittings since rust and corrosion accelerate the fitting’s natural wear and tear process.


Building a car isn’t as simple as putting together an IKEA cabinet. A car doesn’t come with an instruction manual that tells you to connect certain pieces. Building a car requires precise welding techniques and materials that can withstand the highest temperatures—brass can handle them.

Our Products

Top brass coponent exporter
Brass Anchors
Brass Extrusion
brass fitting component
Brass Fittings
Extrusion Rods
Extrusion Section
Extrusion Profile

Wide range of Industry we Serve

We serves a wide range of industries, We have adapted our services to suit a range of different industries.
Some of the industries that we serve are mentioned below.



Oil & Gas




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