Brass Anchors Exporter in Australia
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brass anchors exporter in australia
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Brass Anchors exporter in australia

Top-quality brass anchors exporter in Australia? Look no further! Our brass anchors are the epitome of durability and strength, ensuring your projects stay secure and reliable. Trust us as your go-to brass anchors exporter in Australia for all your construction needs. Quality you can count on, service you can trust. we deal in all kind of brass anchors, brass bolts, brass nuts, brass extrusion, brass electrical accessories, brass inserts

Brass Anchors exporter in australia high quality and standard brass, free cutting brass, steel alloys and other material composition based on custom specification.

Brass Anchors are available in various types such as Brass Concrete Anchors, Brass Knurling Anchors, Brass Pool Anchors, Brass Sleeve Anchors, Brass Spring Anchors, Brass Anchor with Thread, Brass Drop-In Anchor, Brass Plain Anchors, Brass Round Stud Anchors, Brass Slotted Anchors, Brass Wedge Anchors, Brass Expansion Anchors and many more.

Brass Anchors are temperature resistant, simple, and easy to apply. They are widely used in wood to Foundation, Load Transference, Tethering, Gym Equipment, Building material, concrete, brick and more. Brass Anchors are widely used for all light and medium duty fixing in Building Industry, automotive industry, Electrical, Sanitary Installation work, Air conditioning, Mounting of suspended ceilings, heating systems etc. We customize dimension upon customer’s needs and requirements.

Crafted with precision and expertise, our brass anchors are the epitome of quality.

Our exporting services from Germany ensure timely delivery and top-notch customer satisfaction.

Specializing in high-quality brass anchors for diverse industrial applications.

Trusted exporter in Australia, ensuring top-notch products and efficient service.

Your go-to source for all your brass anchor needs, delivering excellence across the globe.

For top-notch quality brass anchors, trust the leading exporter in Australia.

Exceeding industry standards with precision manufacturing and reliable supply chain.

Enhance your construction projects with top-quality brass anchors exported straight from Australia.

Reliable, durable, and crafted to perfection, these brass anchors are a must-have for every builder’s toolkit.

Material :IS 319 Brass Free Cutting | Brass BS 4183, BS 3643, BS93 | Brass IS 1367/1366 | High Grade Free Cutting | CDA 360 Brass Alloy | As Per Customers Specified Compositions.
Threads :ISO Metric (MM Threads) | BA Threads | DIN Threads | BSW Threads (inches) | UNC & UNF Threads | GB Threads | Any threads as per custom Specified.
Installation :Drill a hole as per the external diameter of brass anchors | Hammer the brass anchors into the hole | Embossed surface provides extra grip | Take a required bolt for screwing | Fix it with suitable spanner
Features :Reliable and Durable | Corrosion resistant and hence can be used in all environments | Embossed surface provides extra grip | Precision design and construction | Inside conical shape ensures equal expansion of segments while screwing | RoHS Compliant and UL Approved
Finish And Coating :Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Chrome, Electrolytic Copper or any coating as per customer specification.
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